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Our Services


We provide more than the provision of a professional service the development of integral solutions, advice and practical help in a specific sector of professional activity both in the public and private spheres, in order to assist organizations and staff in improving Management and business practices.

Legal Advice

We offer permanent and timely legal advice in all areas of law, providing constant follow-up to our clients to ensure that the business and activities of the business are carried out smoothly and preventively.


We seek the development of architecture and engineering projects in public and private infrastructure, civil works, roads, residential, design and inspection with harmony between design and technical efficiency, accompanied by high quality standards and application of new technology.

Our Team

Katty Ortiz N.

General Manager

Her experience of more than 30 years in the administration of important companies of the private sector, qualified her to act as the financial and administrative head of CONTRACTUS.

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Dennis Abril

Legal Manager

As legal adviser to several Secretaries of State, the experience gained in the public management , endorses his career as a lawyer expert in public procurement for CONTRACTUS.

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Kathy Abril O.

Construction Manager

Her experience as executor of projects of remodeling, readaptation and maintenance of public and private infrastructures, qualifies her to act as the director of the construction area of CONTRACTUS.

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Priscila Kon S.

Consulting Manager

Her career as a technical consultant for public projects with national impact and transcendence in the formulation of public policies, qualifies her to lead in the consultancy department of CONTRACTUS.

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The company

We favor integral solutions with a preventive nature. We offer alternative legal advice and conflict resolution as well as correction, reorientation and reform of management models, based on honesty, fairness and pro-active posture.

The strict fulfillment of ethical values, efficiency, seriousness and understanding of the needs of our clients is the basis of our services.

  • Strategic consulting
  • Strategic and management planning
  • Corporate social responsibility


An excellent experience working as a CONTRACTUS supplier, the vision they have as a company is very enriching.

David Villagómez