Business Management Awards 2018

Publicado: May 15th, 2018 |
Autor Dennis Abril


Within the framework of the business summit of the Americas, we participate as one of the Ecuadorian companies invited to this corporate event that takes place every year in different destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. With the objective of promoting the growth and development of companies at an international level, the organizing committee launches the BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AWARDS, a series of recognitions to the leading participating companies in different areas of management, among which are distinguished:

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  • Business leadership
  • Management systems
  • Quality in Products and / or Services
  • Innovation and Business Creativity
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Achievements and Recognitions
  • Social Commitment

For CONTRACTUS CIA. LTDA., One of the strategic axes is the integral management of solutions in the fields of: Construction, Consulting and Legal. The trajectory and experience of our team has allowed us to expand in the Ecuadorian market. It is in this context that our company has been thoroughly evaluated and nominated by the Global Bussines Corporation committee, who is the organizer of this annual event.

Very soon we will have more news about the results of this important contest.

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