Our Team

Katty Ortiz N.

General Manager

Her experience of more than 30 years in the administration of important companies of the private sector, qualified her to act as the financial and administrative head of CONTRACTUS.

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Dennis Abril

Legal Manager

As legal adviser to several Secretaries of State, the experience gained in the public management , endorses his career as a lawyer expert in public procurement for CONTRACTUS.

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Kathy Abril O.

Construction Manager

Her experience as executor of projects of remodeling, readaptation and maintenance of public and private infrastructures, qualifies her to act as the director of the construction area of CONTRACTUS.

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Priscila Kon S.

Consulting Manager

Her career as a technical consultant for public projects with national impact and transcendence in the formulation of public policies, qualifies her to lead in the consultancy department of CONTRACTUS.

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