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Dennis Abril

Legal Manager


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As legal adviser to several Secretaries of State, the experience gained in the public management , endorses his career as a lawyer expert in public procurement for CONTRACTUS.

Campo de acción

Dennis is a Lawyer, a magister in procedural law. He Obtained specialization diplomas in administrative and financial law from the University of Salamanca, ¨Diploma in Gender violence and justice¨by FLASCO and Diploma in Advanced Studies in human rights and international humanitarian law.

He has forged his experience as legal adviser to several Secretaries of State, and as a consultant in the formulation of bills, as well as in the lifting and standardization of the public procurement process in the framework of the implementation of the project ¨management integrated government Resources GIRG¨.

He has worked as a consultant and project manager for public and private entities.

In Contractus, he is a lawyer, sponsors cases and is a consultant and director of legal projects. Management that leads with passion for details and the thorough study of each case in terms of determination of strategies, fulfillment and value generation.