Equipo Contractus

Katty Ortiz N.

General Manager


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Her experience of more than 30 years in the administration of important companies of the private sector, qualified her to act as the financial and administrative head of CONTRACTUS.

Campo de acción

Katty is a founding partner of Contractus Cia Ltda. Public Accountant, with ample experience in the administration and management of companies of the private sector, has more than 30 years of trajectory in the accounting and tributary field, she has served as manager of several multinational companies.
Emphasizing the success in the administrative management of several businesses as well as the strict fulfillment of the norms in the labor and tax system.
She is an active member of the Association of Accountants of Pichincha, and professor in the application of new technologies for the accounting administration of the Internal Revenue Service.

In Contractus she is the current legal representative, she is in charge of the administration and commercial direction of the business turn, monitoring the fulfillment of the norms in the labor and tributary field.
Functions that it performs thanks to her-its tenacity in the strict fulfillment of each process and the achievement of high quality standards, for all the projects of the company.