Ingeniería de Gestión


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The production management is aimed at optimizing the economic, technical, material and personal resources of the organizations necessary for the realization of their goods and services. From planning and organization of production to control, evaluation and improvement.

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Production planning

  • Analysis of optimal location of installation.
  • Determination of the manufacturability and reliability of the products.
  • Feasibility studies, design and implantation of new productive systems.
  • Studied flows, bottlenecks, efficiency and rationalization of the production process through the application of techniques such as~ JIT~Just in time

Learn production~ adjusted production.

  • Designed of manufacturing processes )by processes and-or projects~PERT techniques) According to defined and documented products.
  • Determination of productive capacity and decisions on equipment assets.

Organization of the production

  • design and optimization of the distribution plant )layout)
  • Organization of Human Resources.
  • Studies of working methods
  • Timing and time studies
  • Reduction of change times.

Purchasing and Warehouse Management

  • Designed and organized warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Implementation of storage and manipulation technologies
  • Integral management of warehouses~Analysis of inventories and replenishment levels.
  • Implementation of inventory reduction policies.
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Studies of the physical space of the warehouses
  • Study of costs associated with warehouse management
  • Maintenance and internal control
  • Treatment of obsolete or defective products
  • Elaboration of classification guides and coding of articles
  • Purchasing Management systems~

-Selection of suppliers

-Alternatives for purchasing invoice reduction

-Logistical networks )Distribution, transport, warehouses, replenishment,…)


  • Implementation of maintenance systems.
  • Preventive maintenance plans and predicative.
  • Elaboration of maintenance contracts.

Cost Management

  • ABC Cost control system
  • Cost reduction planning
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Analysis for profitability of projects or products.

Improvement Assessment

  • Process reengineering improved flow of information and materials
  • Improvement of the processes o f the company, purchase, logistic, production,…
  • Productivity analysis
  • Racionalización of times process of the good or service
  • Decrease in the costs of activities and products
  • Mythology and calibration
  • Mythology of the 55 (organization, order, cleanliness, visual control, discipline and habit)
  • Statistical techniques applied to manufacturing.
  • Continuous improvement programs.
  • Audits and diagnostics of manufacturing processes
  • Control panel.

Information Systems for production management

  • Solutions for the management of the production
  • Materials flow planning and control solutions
  • Simulation and modeling of industrial processes
  • Selecting hardware and software tools.